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Hello Bride & Groom!!

Every beautiful wedding begins with a beautiful wedding invitation. Because wedding invitation will bring a powerful first impression to your guest. But, in order to create a beautiful wedding invitation it will takes a lot of effort and with the hurry-scurry in preparing a wedding celebration it will takes a lot of your energy too.

Now, YubeNobe.com are here to create a solution that with a limited time and maybe a limited wise budget, you can get the most beautiful wedding invitation with a very high quality for your wedding celebration. Crafted with our experienced creative designer, we bring the magic touch of romance, cheerfulness, sweetness, and the elegance one of the most beautiful moment of life.

And now, the main question is why do you have to choose us ?

First: A bride and groom usually will need a lot of time in preparing venue, bridal, catering and many other things, which is needs a lot of budget too. With YubeNobe.com, you can feel at ease…because we provide a series of wedding invitation template with a very affordable price, high quality design, and fast delivery time. You only need minimum 1 month or less (it depends on the details and starting from last approval received) to place an order and your beautiful invitation will be arrive in front of your door before you know it. Why do you have to spend a lot of budget with a very long time just for an invitation? With YubeNobe.com, you can get extra time to take care of other things and let us do our expertise.

Second: We all know that if you only have a limited budget, there’s not many options for you to choose a design that you may like. For the end, many bride and groom trapped in a very standard options of wedding invitation’s design which is not up to date either. YubeNobe.com brings a lot of up to date designs that will help you to actualize your ideal wedding invitation.

Third: Supported by PusatPercetakan.com the expert offset printing company in Indonesia…we guarantee about the quality assurance of our products. Because we have an integrated production system in One Workshop Area. That’s why…your do not have to wait for a long time to get your invitations*

(*In special case, if you order a customized design with many details, it will takes a longer time to actualize it into perfection.We encourage you to consult with our customer service for further information about this.)

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